What is JMoF?

Japan Meeting of Furries (abbreviated JMoF) is a convention that centers around anthropomorphic animals, otherwise known as furry/kemono.

After our first convention in 2013 in Hikone, Shiga, we moved the second year’s convention to Toyohashi, Aichi, where we’ve held it ever since. Our last convention, JMoF 2018, had 998 attendees gather at Toyohashi!

JMoF is modeled around western furry conventions, with a goal of developing not only Japan’s, but all of Eastern Asia’s furry/kemono culture.

People with talents in furry/kemono-related works of art, manga, photography, music, novels, plays, performances, etc. all have their own way to participate at this convention.

With this much diversity comes the need to have a large area and multiple days for the event, and to answer those needs, we decided to make our convention space be at a hall connected to a hotel.

JMoF’s ideal is to provide a creative space where the participants’ various unique talents are brought together and allowed to mix and interact, creating something completely new.

As long as you have an interest in furry/kemono, anyone can join JMoF!

So, bring your talents and passion, and let’s create something new, fun, and exciting!

We look forward to seeing you here!

Kriske, JMoF Executive Committee Chairman