Japan Meeting of Furries, otherwise known as JMoF, was founded in 2012 as the first furry convention in Japan.

All of the finer aspects of the furry fandom are celebrated here.

JMoF kept growing since its debut. At JMoF 2017, there were 845 attendees, not only from Japan, but Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Germany,

South Korea, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Malaysia, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary and Canada,

all gathering at Toyohashi for the event.

Bring your friends, your talent, your whatever!

Let’s put it all together and discover a whole new world of fun!

Our program includes workshops and seminars in acting, costume-building, art, and more.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Kriske, the Chairman of JMoF

Our Team

  • Hotel / Relations: Zuilang
  • Security: Gatimaguro
  • Registration / Security / Engineer: Ham
  • Registration / Engineer: OTK
  • Registration: D.R.C.
  • Registration: Hiroshi Waku
  • Registration: Sho
  • Program / Charity: Satomi
  • Program: kamiyu
  • Program: Gentou
  • Program: Shun Kono
  • Program: Rougetu
  • Program / Stage: Reona Sakuragi
  • Program / Stage: Nanaki
  • Program / Stage (Equipment): danba
  • Program / Stage: Coronene
  • Program / Stage: Asagitsune
  • Program / Stage: Sorami
  • Dealer’s Room: ist
  • Promotion: Riryo Nagatani
  • Promotion: mangluca
  • Promotion / Product Design: HilockTwelve
  • Photographer: Noise
  • Translator (English): Shuro
  • Website Developer: Gram Rock
  • Website Developer: Kemomimi
  • Product Design: iChiba