Information Complying with the Japanese Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Distributor Name: JMoF実行委員会 (JMoF Executive Committee)

Store Name: JMoF

Website URL:

Inquiries URL:

Registration Deadline: November 25th (Sat.), 2017, 23:59:59 (UTC+9/JST)

Payment Method

When paying for registration, only credit cards will be accepted. After entering all necessary information and submitting the payment form, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you once payment has been received and processed.

Note: Our payment processing is provided by Stripe Inc. It is encrypted through the Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology during your online transactions. Your credit card information is stored on Stripe’s secure server. Therefore, your sensitive information WILL NOT be known to a third party.

Con-Badge Delivery (for Those Who Live in Japan)

Delivery Provider: Japan Post (Regular Mail)

Your con-badge will be delivered to you at your registered address by December 18th (Mon.), 2017.

Con-Badge Exchanges

If there is a printing error or typo on your convention badge, please bring it to JMoF reception desk on the day of the convention so that we may replace it.

Registration Cancellation / Edits / Additions

・Before November 25th (Sat.), 2017: For cancellation of your registration, or for any edits or additions to an existing registration, please send us a message through the “Pre-registration Content Edit Form” page.

・On or after November 26th (Sun.), 2017: For cancellation of your registration, please send us a message through the “Contact” page.


If you cancel your registration, we will refund you a percentage based on the date that you cancelled, minus any transaction fees. The refund will be handled by the Stripe Online Payment service.

・Cancellations made by November 25th (Sat.), 2017: 100% Refund

・Cancellations made from November 26th (Sun.) through December 15th (Fri.), 2017: 60% Refund

・Cancellations made on or after December 16th (Sat.), 2017: No Refund


For more information on the JSCTA, please send us a message through the “Contact” page.