Dealer’s Room

We are looking for dealers for JMoF 2018. You may display or sell any furry or animal themed creations such as pictures, illustration, photographs, and fursuits. You may also put on live performances. Anyone is welcome to apply and enjoy!


  • ・You can apply for your booth at the Dealer’s Room by selecting Half Table or One Table. Half Table consists of half a table (90 x 90 cm) and one chair and One Table consists a whole table (180 x 90 cm) and two chairs.
  • ・If you need additional chairs, you can request them at the JMoF reception desk on-site.
  • ・30 booths will be available. If we receive more than 30 applications, we will decide who can have a booth by lottery.
  • ・The venue walls cannot be used because of its rules and regulations.
  • ・Any adult materials are prohibited at Dealer’s Room.


Day 3 – January 7th (Sun.), 2018

  • ・Setup: 10:00 – 11:00
  • ・Open: 11:00 – 16:00


1F Holiday Hall C

How to Apply for a Booth

You need to register for JMoF to apply for a booth at Dealer’s Room. After completing pre-registration and payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email containing a link to the Dealer’s Room application form.

Even after you have completed pre-registration, you can apply for Dealer’s Room during the application period. Click the button below and proceed to the application form.

Please read all the information on the form before application. For details about pre-registration and payment methods, please visit “Pre-registration”


Application Period

From September 17th (Sun.) to November 25th (Sat.), 2017

Dealer’s Room Fee

・Half Table: 3,000 JPY

・One Table: 6,000 JPY

Dealer Certificate Ribbons

We will provide 3 dealer certificate ribbons (1 con badge with a ribbon and 2 extra ribbons). Please attach the extra ribbons to the badges of those helping the dealer with booth setup and operations.

We will send dealer ribbons to dealers in Japan with their badges. We will hand the ribbons to dealers overseas at the JMoF reception desk on the site.

Booth Banner

When you submit your dealer’s room application, you also need to submit your booth banner. We will publish it on our website and conbook along with your booth information.

Booth Banner Guideline

  • ・Please use our official templates (download: PSD/PNG).
  • ・Color mode: CMYK
  • ・Size: 725 x 1039 px (resolution: 700 dpi)
  • ・Please leave the border around your banner (“Layer1” for PSD file) as is.
  • ・Please submit your banner in PSD or JPG format.
  • ・If you submit your banner in PSD format, please flatten (merge all the layers) in advance.
  • ・Please use the same name for both your banner file and booth upon application.
  • In addition, submitted banners that don’t match our guideline will be modified. Please be advised that this may cause some changes in your original data.

    Note: Putting your booth name on your booth banner is optional.


  • ・Please note that you will be responsible for everything you bring to your booth. JMoF will not responsible for any theft or damage.
  • ・Please take all your trash with you.
  • ・You may only bring drinks with lids to your booth.


  • ・Under no circumstances shall JMoF Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as “we”) be responsible for any physical injuries or property damage caused to dealers or others concerned.
  • ・Dealers and others concerned shall immediately pay, whether it is intentional or careless, for all the damage of the venue, surrounding buildings and their facilities.
  • ・We shall have no responsibility for disputes between dealers and their customers over merchandise or services provided by the dealers.
  • ・Dealers shall pay for the damage and take the responsibility of such disputes without involving us.
  • ・In case of any disputes between dealers, others concerned and their customers cause damage to us, the dealers shall immediately pay for the damage.