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Public Event

Guest of Honor

For this year’s JMoF, we have invited Mr. Matsuyama to take part in a Talk Show. Up until now, there have been very few active discussions about Kemono in the business world, so we would like to hear his opinion as both a game creator and a business man. This will be a valuable opportunity to talk with one of the leading figures in the growth of Kemono culture. People from all ages are welcome to come and discuss what the future of Kemono may look like.
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A Tale Of Suspense

To end JMoF 2017 with a bang, we present to you our stage performance: “A Tale of Suspense”!
We’ll have a wide variety of talent showcased in this furry-themed performance, so don’t miss out!
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Japan Fursuit Creator’s Competition

This will be a valuable opportunity for appreciation of splendid works by fursuit creators and designers. We will welcome to your visit.

*At this time applications are closed

Dance Competition

At the JMoF 2017 Dance Competition, dancers who can boggle amazing dance skills gather from not only all over Japan but also all over the world!
Please come in and watch one of the best dances in the world!
*At this time applications are closed


IMAGESTUDIO Noise photographers will be photo shoot for free.
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