JMoF 2017 Guest of Honor

Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd.

CyberConnect2 is a game software company located in Fukuoka and Tokyo.
After their first breakthrough in the development of the
“.hack” series they have become a global name with their game adaptations of famous manga and anime like
“Naruto” and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.
Most of us probably know them best for their first work “Tail Concerto”
and “Solatorobo: Red the Hunter” for focusing on Kemono style characters.
In 2013 they started an anthology project known as ‘THE KEMONO’,
a collaboration of their in-house Kemono artists and many other prominent Kemono artists.
They also went on to publish “THE KEMONO BOOK” and “KEMONO MAGAZINE” and display their works at their booth at ‘Kemoket’.

In recent years Kemono culture has really begun to take off,
breaking out from their usual role as novelty characters in popular media,
to national scale Kemono only events and conventions.
There is even a Kemono genre in the game, manga, and music industries.
Amongst this cultural growth, we too can ask ourselves what we want
to do with our love for Kemono and what it personally means for us.

This year’s JMoF we have invited Mr. Matsuyama to take part in a Talk Show.
Up until now there have been very few active discussions about
Kemono as a business, so we would like to hear his opinion as both
a game creator and a business man.
This will be a valuable opportunity to talk with one of the leading figures
in the growth of Kemono culture. People from all ages are welcome to come and discuss what the future of Kemono may look like.

Event info

Time: January 7th 2017 (Sat), 12:30 – 13:30
Location: Loisir Hotel Toyohashi Holiday Hall D
Notes: After the Talk Show Mr. Matsuyama will be doing a signing and selling their goods for all participants. Be sure to bring items you’d like to have signed (like previous CC2 works) with you.

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