Frequently Asked Question

About Registration

Q. Can any minors attend JMoF?

A. Of course yes, but you must abide by all rules and regulations for youth (U18)/minor (U20) apart from the rules of conduct of JMoF. For example:

  • ・Please get parental permission for attending JMoF.
  • ・Make sure to write down an emergency number for your parents when you register with JMoF.
  • ・In general, you are not allowed to participate certain events, such as where alcohol will be served.

Q. I have done the pre-registration, but I haven’t received my con-badge yet. (For attendees living in Japan)

A. If you don’t receive your con-badge until December 22nd (Fri.), 2017, please make sure to contact us by December 29th (Fri.), otherwise we can’t re-issue your con-badge.

When you enter your address, please note that the whole address of you, such as the name of building, etc., is written correctly. In addition, please confirm it when you finish filling the form out. It is very often to occur that we get undelivered mails because of their invalid address.

Q. I want to edit/cancel my pre-registered information.

A. Before November 25th (Sat.), 2017, you can edit/cancel your registration. Please send us a message through the “Pre-registration Content Edit Form” page. On or after November 26th (Sun.), you can only cancel that. Please send us a message through the “Contact” page.

Note: We will refund you a percentage based on the date that you cancelled. For details, please visit “Refunds” page.

About Convention Hotel

Q. Is there any changing facilities inside the convention area?

A. Sponsors and Supersponsors may exclusively use the changing facility for sponsors located inside the convention area. So please register with those types of admission if you want to use it. Otherwise, please find out where you are able to change. For details, please visit “Policies for Clothing and Changing” page.

Q. Can I go outside of the hotel while I’m wearing a fursuit (or costume)?

A. If you intend to go outside of the hotel in wearing your fursuit (or costume), please be accompanied by a handler at all times.

About Events

Q. I want to carry my event out voluntarily in/out of JMoF.

A. It matches our intention that you hold people-to-people exchanges in various types voluntary in the convention. So please carry out your event or not on your own responsibility as long as you abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the prefecture, the city, and the hotel. Note that JMoF attendees must abide by all instructions given by hotel staff and the JMoF staff.

Q. When I must show my ID? And what kind of?

A. We will check your ID in these cases shown below on the day:

  • ・To receive your con-badge (for attendees living overseas) Please bring a government-issued ID with your picture on it (like a passport) with you when you come to get it.
  • ・Events where alcohol will be served To participate in events where alcohol will be served, such as Dead Dog Party, please make sure you have a valid government-issued ID with your legal name and age/DOB when you go.


Q. I find that I have lost one of belongings of mine…

A. If you find that you have lost something of yours on the day, please come to JMoF registration desk. Lost property stored by JMoF will be handed over Loisir Hotel Toyohashi if the owner don’t appear after closing the convention. So, if you find that after JMoF, please contact the hotel.

Q. There is no response since I have sent a message to JMoF.

A. We usually reply to messages 3 to 5 days after they’ve been received. If you haven’t received a reply from us, there might be problems shown below.

・Your filter settings

If you’re using an e-mail address provided by a free mail client (such as Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.), or one provided by your mobile carrier, please add “” to your filter settings so that our replies don’t get tossed in the spam folder.

・Misspelling your e-mail address

In this case, we can’t reply to you.

・The other factors, such as a system error of mail form

If you haven’t received a reply from us a week after sending your message, and you’ve checked your spam folder, then please make sure you’ve added “” to your filter settings and send us your message one more time.