JMoF 2018 Guest Of Honor

Latin Vixen, the Representative of MixedCandy Inc.

Latin Vixen is the owner of the Orlando, Florida-based mascot-making studio known as MixedCandy. From cartoons to real life, they deliver a wide range of fursuit styles out into the world, to the point where if you go to a convention overseas, you’re bound to run into some of their creations!

This kind of talent isn’t just well-known online, but all over the world, too! In 2013, Latin Vixen had worked with the Russian professional ice hockey club known as HC Dynamo Moscow (ХК Динамо Москва) to redo their mascot, Volk (Волк).

This time here at JMoF, we’re inviting to the convention Latin Vixen, who’s held our dream of “becoming your ideal form” for many years, and who continues to actibely push the boundaries of what furries and kemono are in the world today! Please come by and have a chat with her.