JMoF 2019 Guest of Honor


Camellia (かめりあ)

Camellia is a musical composer, arranger, and songwriter with a wide range of experience, dealing with club music, VOCALOID songs, Touhou arranges, remixes, video game music, and much more. In particular, he is well-known as a regular VOCALOID song producer, and BEMANI song composer. As an example of the former, he gained a reputation after releasing such songs as “Systematic Love” (システマティック・ラヴ) in 2012, and “Weight of the Heart” (ココロの質量) in 2015. For the latter, with his song “Bangin’ Burst”, he was able to take home the grand prize in the Konami Arcade Championship 2013 Original Song Contest. Even now, he’s providing many original songs that are widely used in BEMANI-brand rhythm games.

It is safe to say that many of the important works born from furry culture, such as illustrations, novels, and fursuits, are based on visual information. Even so, music is a factor we cannot ignore in the development of furry culture! The talent steadily brought up through the era of MIDI and popularity of VOCALOID/UTAU songs has been continuing to vibrantly take root in Japan through recent years, positively affecting the indie music scene and supply of original songs used in music games, as well as driving the appearance of fursuit-wearing at live music events.

This time here at JMoF, we’ve invited Camellia as the Guest of Honor, and will hold a talk show with him! “INVAIDAS FROM DA JUNGLE”, his individual instrumental album released in Summer 2017, features a kemono (furry) illustration on the cover which projects a powerful aura that makes a wild kingdom come to mind. While mentioning his thoughts on kemono, which until now have never been brought to light, Camellia will discuss such things as what kind of philosophy he holds as a prominent creator in the music field, as well as what kind of creative activities he takes part in.

So, people from all different age groups and musical backgrounds, please come on out and enjoy the talk show!

Guest of Honor Related Events

GoH Talk Show

Date: January 12th, 2019 (Sat./Day 2) 13:00 – 14:00

Place: 1F Holiday Hall D

We’ve invited Camellia, the Guest of Honor, to hold a Talk Show!

With his active role at the forefront of the music composer scene, we will hear Camellia discuss his experience as a professional creator, and what his creative outlook is like!

Dealer’s Room

Date: January 13th, 2019 (Sun./Day 3) 11:00 – 16:00

Place: A01 “KamelCamellia” at 1F Holiday Hall C

At the Dealer’s Room this year, Camellia will have a booth on display!

Note: For more details on the above events, please visit JMoF’s Schedule page.

© Camellia
INVAIDAS FROM DA JUNGLE © Camellia (Album Artwork: Ugou Gou (うごうゴウ))