Policies For Clothing And Changing

General Rules

Attendees may not dress in any clothing, costumes or fursuits that are overly revealing or inappropriate for the atmosphere of the convention.

General Rules For Fursuiters

  • ・Be sure to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids so you’re in your best condition while attending the convention. Please use the Headless Lounge at your leisure for taking a break as well.
  • ・If you start to feel unwell while suiting, please unsuit as quickly as possible until you start feeling better again.
  • ・If you intend to go outside of the hotel, please be accompanied by a handler at all times.

Changing into Your Fursuit/Costume at JMoF

  • ・Sponsors and Supersponsors may exclusively use the changing facility for sponsors located inside the convention area. Please follow the usage guidance (you will receive the document and your official con-badge at the same time).
  • ・For attendees neither Sponsor nor Supersponsor, there is no changing facility located inside the convention area. Please refer to the instructions below to find out where you are able to change.

Guests Staying with Loisir Hotel Toyohashi

  • ・Please change in your hotel room. Elevators in the hotel are available for quick access between the convention and hotel rooms.
  • ・After checkout, please find a suitable place to change into and out of your costume, such as your car parked in the parking lot, etc.

Guests Not Staying with Loisir Hotel Toyohashi

  • ・Changing in your car parked at a nearby parking lot is allowed. Please be aware of your surroundings when doing so.
  • ・There may be severe weather on the days of the convention, so if you use your car in the parking lot as a changing location, please be careful.
  • ・Parking your car in the hotel’s connected parking lot and going through the first and second floors of the hotel are both permitted.

Headless Lounge

  • ・The Headless Lounge is a place for participating fursuiters and their handler(s). Fursuiters may remove the head of their fursuit in order to cool off. Please use this room to take a small break and relax.
  • ・Please keep in mind that you may not use the Headless Lounge to change into or out of your costume.