Fursuit Dance Competition

Do you know how good your dance skills are?

You want to watch the best dances not only in Japan but in other countries, don’t you?

JMoF is the right place for you to enjoy all that!

We are looking for dancers for the Dance Competition at JMoF 2019 who want to demonstrate their dance skills to people all over the world.

Show your own dance at the Dance Competition and win the honor and crown of victory of the champion!

When (Tentative)

January 12th (Sat./Day 2), 2019

  • Rehearsal: 10:00 – 11:30
  • Gathering Time of Dancers: 11:30
  • Performance: 12:00 – 13:00

Note: It is voluntary for all the dancers to join this rehearsal. Please do come if you would like to check the timing of BGM use and the venue equipment. Please note that floor panels will not be ready during the rehearsal.
Note: The gathering time of dancers is 11:30, 30 minutes before the performance time. Please be sure to wear your fursuit and get together at the venue. We will check the overall flow of the competition.


1F Holiday Hall B

Dance Floor

We will set a 7.2 x 4.5 m (23.62 x 14.76 ft) sized wooden floor panel in Holiday Hall B. Audience will be seated along the floor panel.

Qualification Requirements

  • 1. Your dance must be original.
  • 2. All your group members must wear a fursuit.


The judges consist of 3 people. Each judge will separately evaluate the competitors based on certain criteria such as dance skills, performance, and identity as a fursuit (expressions which consists in your fursuit’s personality).

How to Submit

Please fill out the following application form and send it to us. We will contact you at a later date about how to submit your BGM.

Application Periods

From October 6th (Sat.) to December 2nd (Sun.), 2018

Note: If we get much number of dancers than the application capacity, they will be picked by a lottery.

How to submit your BGM

Please prepare a music data within 2 minutes for BGM by yourself. The submission deadline will be somewhere around the end of December.