JMoF 2019 Special Guest


Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (LifewondersLLC)

At JMoF 2019 we invite the smartphone social game for LGBTs “Tokyo Afterschool Summoners” (aka “Housamo”) as our Special Guest!

We’ll hold a live drawing event featuring illustrator Jiroh Kinoshita who’s responsible for in-game characters like Moritaka Inuzuka and we’ll also have a special goods sale! Please come out and enjoy the events!

Special Guest Related Events

Meet Moritaka Inuzuka at JMoF! (Stage Event)

Date: January 12th 2019 (Sat./Day 2) 16:30 – 17:30

Place: 1F Holiday Hall D

We’ve invited Jiroh Kinoshita the illustrator in charge of several popular characters like Moritaka up onto the stage to carry out a live drawing!

As an added bonus brand-new content that will deepen the enjoyment of the “Housamo” world may even be unveiled here…? Don’t miss it!!

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Goods Sale

Date: January 13th 2019 (Sun./Day 3) 11:00 – 15:00 (Tentative)

Place: 2F Room Kiku and Room Fuji

JMoF 2019 is your chance to get your hands on all the latest “Housamo” goods!

Whether you’re first hearing about the game now or are already a seasoned “Housamo” vet an exhibition that any and all can enjoy is currently in the works!

Note: For more details on the distribution and sale of goods as well as notes regarding the above events please visit the Official “Tokyo Afterschool Summoners” website’s ‘Exhibition Info’ page.


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